Campus Initiatives

"Choose to Reuse" Green Containers

These Reusable To-Go Containers may be purchased from the cashier at Harless Dining Hall. Containers have a one-time cost of $5 and are usable for every visit to the dining hall. You are not required to hold a meal plan to buy into the program, and this payment may be made using Herd Points, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

When choosing to use the Reusable To-Go Containers, simply pay for your meal using any form of payment (Meal Swipes, Cash, Credit, etc.) and proceed to fill your container with anything you wish to eat! Please ensure your container can be properly closed before leaving. If planning to store the meal for later, be sure to follow the FDA's food safety instructions to avoid any foodborne illnesses.

When returning with a Reusable To-Go Container, there is no need to wash it! Remove any large pieces of food before visiting Harless Dining Hall and the cashier will offer you two options:

  • Obtain a new, clean container for immediate use.
  • Receive a green carabiner which can be redeemed for a Reusable To-Go Container later
All returned containers are cleaned through our industrial dishwasher at 190 degrees Fahrenheit.


Marshall Dining works in collaboration with Marshall Sustainability to compost both pre- and post-consumer organic waste. Thanks to Amy White's efforts, Marshall proudly houses West Virginia's first commercial composter and the inaugural aerobic digester at a university. At Harless Dining Hall, the absence of trash cans enables staff to segregate organic waste for composting. Every dining location on campus contributes organic waste to green bins for Marshall Sustainability's composting projects. The resulting compost is used to produce worm castings and fertilizer for sale, supporting Sodexo's goal of reducing our carbon footprint.

Marshall Composter

The commitment to sustainability at Marshall Dining goes beyond composting. By partnering with localproduce companies, the dining program procures fresh, seasonal produce to aid the community and cut down on food miles. Additionally, practices like trayless dining and reusable to-go containers are implemented to decrease waste and promote eco-friendly behaviors among students. By actively participating in environmentally conscious practices, Marshall Universitycanserve as a role model for campuses nationwide, showcasing the positive influence that minor adjustments can have on the environment. Together, we can nurture a culture of sustainability and create a positive impact for future generations.


Marshall Dining is taking a step towards President Gilbert's "Break Free from Plastic" pledge of reducing single use plastic on campus by 2026. Our cashiers will ask if you would like a straw instead of always handing one with a drink. You can join us by choosing to skip the straw.